One-On-One Coaching

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The Approach     

       Do you have nutrition goals but have no idea where to start?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the newest diet trends and all the mixed media messages around what to eat? Whether you'd like to lose weight, feel more energized, have glowing skin, learn to cook for yourself, address a health issue through nutrition or feel more youthful, I can help you.  

Healthy Habits  

     When we have healthy habits, we don't need will power.  Building healthier habits requires slow changes and celebrating each small victory.  Once these habits are built, it becomes much harder to slip backwards, compared to yo-yo dieting where one week we are trying to eat completely different to our normal and the next we've fallen back into old habits.  

Whole foods

     Eating whole foods provides our bodies with the right building blocks for all processes in the body and gears us towards total optimization.  Think of it like putting premium gas/oil into an expensive car, doing so will keep it in its best condition for as long as possible.  

Awareness - body, behavior and digestion

Body - When we try to become aware of how we feel mentally and physically each day and associate it with what we've eaten, how active we were and how well we've slept, we become motivated to continue doing what makes us feel good.

Behavior - Being aware of our cravings, noticing which circumstances we tend to eat less healthy in or understanding specifically what is stopping us from eating healthier can all help guide us to making better food choices.

Digestion - Having awareness helps us choose healthier foods since we can anticipate and associate certain foods with a certain feeling after we eat. For example, feeling full, bloated and lethargic after a meal or snack full of processed foods is certainly warranted once in a while, however, it isn't ideal for every day life. It can be life changing to experience feeling energized after every meal or snack instead of heavy and tired.  


One-on-one coaching

Initial Consultation (2 sessions)  

Intake Session: We will discuss your current lifestyle and any issues or struggles you are experiencing as well as your goals and priorities. 

Plan delivery: I will give you a customized plan designed to fit in with your lifestyle. We will discuss tips and strategies for achieving success as well as strategies for healthy grocery shopping. I will also provide any additional information for certain health issues you may be dealing with.  

Follow up Appointments

We will discuss any questions or road blocks that have come up since our initial consultation and redefine your goals.  I will provide for you a new personalized plan.   

Nutritional Coaching Package

These are for those who need a little more guidance. We will go over large goals and make 3 small, achievable monthly goals.  Once you are comfortable with these new habits, we will meet again, discuss any additional issues or concerns you had and then we will make 3 more goals and I will give you a new meal plan.  We will build from your current diet and make small changes.  I will not give your diet a complete make over right from the start, as I find this overwhelms clients and decreases the success rate.  

  • Initial Consultation (2 sessions) 
  • Pantry redesign
  • Grocery shopping tutorial (how to read labels, what "health food" marketing to be weary of, tips for savings money, the importance of planning and making a list, and much more)
  • 3 hours of follow-up sessions (30 minutes or 60 minute sessions)

We will discuss:

  • Your 7 day food journal
  • Your current diet and struggles you may be having with it
  • Ultimate long term goals, as well as smaller more achievable goals to work on weekly
  • Strategies and tips for achieving your goals
  • Grocery shopping and pantry tips
  • Easy, healthy recipes that fit into your lifestyle 
  • Meal plan

Does one of these options sound good to you?  Fill out a new client form and we can discuss what's next!