KATHERINE SNOOK (Johnstone) - B.Sc., B.A, CPT

     I've always had an interest in health, however, it wasn't until I developed IBS and discovered I was sensitive to wheat, dairy, eggs and a number of other foods, that I really started to dive into it.  Constantly dealing with an upset stomach and bloating, I really had to start paying attention to what foods made me feel good and which ones made me feel bad.  The ease of my daily life depended on it.   I started preparing all my own meals at the age of 19, and greatly reduced my sugar intake.  Through many ups and downs,  I finished my first degree in General Arts, and decided the health and fitness route was the only direction I could imagine myself going in.  I became a Certified Personal Trainer and found great confidence at the gym.  It decreases anxiety, depression, improves sleep, increases bone and muscle mass, slows the aging process, increases brain activation and neuroplasticity, improves cardiovascular health and can give you a body you are proud of, among many other benefits!  I had always wanted to pursue a degree in Nutrition and I felt if I didn't at that point, I would regret it my whole life.  What better time than now to start doing exactly what you want to do.  So, despite struggling through my first degree because I couldn't see it taking me anywhere, I was willing to fully embrace a new challenge and achieve my dream of having a Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science degree.  I am very happy I did because it was exactly what I wanted to be learning about and I found it all so fascinating.  Having successfully dealt with a digestive disorder, food sensitivities and anxiety, I truly believe I have the tools to help you too become the man or woman you have always wanted to be.  I am passionate about helping people find success and love seeing people feel good about themselves.  


Mainstream medicine would be way different if they focused on prevention even half as much as they focused on intervention…
— Anonymous