One-on-one Coaching

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

One-on-one Coaching


One-on-one coaching is the way to go if you need help with determining where to start, accountability, learning what to eat for your body type and goals, and building new habits that will last.

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One-on-one coaching ($380+ HST) includes:

  • Two 1 hour consultations - one initial consultation, and a second one part way through to discuss progress.

  • Weekly communication to ensure all your questions are answered and you remain on track.

  • A 12 week program including:

    • Educational information about how nutrition can help you reach your goals (information on metabolism, gut health, insulin and blood sugar, fasting, and how to create healthier habits,

    • A diet analysis which breaks down how many calories, carbs, protein, fat, fibre and sugar you are eating,

    • A detailed week-by-week plan for slowly implementing healthier habits into your lifestyle in order to reach your goals.

Add on:

  • A home visit - $20

  • A pantry redesign - $30

  • A detailed meal plan - $50