Refined Sugar Free Program


Refined Sugar Free Program

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Get your diet back on track after the Holiday Season

The Refined Sugar Free program consists of two weeks with no refined sugar and the final two weeks will be less than 25 g of added sugar per day, which is what the American Heart Association suggests.

The program includes a Refined Sugar Free ebook with:

- Educational Information about the effects of sugar
- Tips and tricks for reducing your sugar intake
- Brands/foods that don't have any added sugar or have low sugar content
- Meal plan example for the sugar free week so you can see what a week without sugar looks like
- Meal planning worksheets so you can create your own customized meal plan (sugar free meal list included)
- A sample grocery list
- Facebook group where you can ask questions or get support

Try it on your own or the next group session will be February 4th, 2019 - March 3th, 2019.

Testimonials from previous participants

Participating in Katherine's sugar consumption awareness program was well worth the effort. It made me look for hidden sugars in food and it was eye opening to learn how many packaged foods contain sugar. 
After going without sugar for a week, and only 25 g the second week, I don't enjoy really sugary foods anymore. I'm looking forward to participating in the month long sugar reduction program.

- Liz, 60

Katherine's June sugar free program showed me just how much sugar is in everything! Even foods I was eating that I thought were healthy turned out to have a lot of sugar like salad dressings, yogurt and protein bars. I'm still eating less sugar compared to before I started but look forward to another reset in September. 
- Jill, 30

I recently participated in Custom Nutrition's "Sugar Free challenge", and I was surprised not only at how easy it was,  but also what a difference it made in the way I felt.  Katherine provided suggestions,  substitutions and support that made giving up sugar so much easier than I had thought it could be.  Within a couple of days I felt better - more energetic and less tired - and it made me more conscious of the choices I was making.  The program has given me the tools to make better choices and lasting changes.  
- Karen, 50

I will say, I did feel the pull of sugar. My brain kept reminding me of all the snacks that I could easily cheat with, but I didn't! I really found that eating a higher fat meal helped to significantly reduce my cravings for sugar and dessert altogether. It felt good to take control of my cravings instead of just snacking because I wanted it.
- Austin, 29