“Katherine was excellent to work with. She was kind and supportive and she pushed me to do my best. She helped me form my goals and kept me accountable. I lost 18 pounds, but more importantly, I learned some great strategies that I can use forever. I feel like I am on a very healthy path, thanks to Katherine and her coaching.”

- Mike A., 45

“After a life long struggle with sugar cravings and weight management I began my eating habits transformation with Katherine’s Workshop on the Effects of Sugar and How to Curb Cravings.  It gave me a clear understanding of the detrimental effects of refined sugar consumption and practical ways to reduce it. Participation in the 4 week Refined Sugar Free Program put an end to my sugar cravings, resulted in weight loss without any sense of deprivation, and helped me to develop sustainable healthy eating habits. Katherine’s knowledgeable and practical advice was instrumental in my success. For anyone looking for a positive change in their eating habits I would highly recommend participation in Custom Nutrition Guelph’s programs!”

- Lenore D.

“Since doing the nutrition plan and changing parts of my life, my overall health has improved! I am not experiencing the same heart burn and stomach pain I once was, as well as the bloating has gone down too. As I stated before, I am more active now with the gym and playing sports. I thought [Katherine’s] guide was done well and it was easy to follow, it was easy to start an eating schedule and stick to it. I subbed in foods in certain areas when I wanted to switch it up but other than that I stuck to it pretty well. My anxiety has gone down as well, which has obviously been a huge weight lifted off of me! I thank you again for the nutrition guide as it has helped me a lot.”

- Kirsten C., 22

"After working with Katherine for even a short period of time, she really helped me change my lifestyle to a more healthy way of living.  After reviewing my diet habits, she was able to offer multiple suggestions that I could pick and choose from in order to help me reach my weight loss goals.  I took most of her suggestions to heart (radically reducing my sugar intake, reducing my carb intake, increasing water consumption, and increasing fat and protein consumption), and I saw results almost immediately.  Within the first few days, I lost 4 lbs right away, and I have steadily been losing weight ever since.  When I started with Katherine, I had 11 lbs that I wanted to lose.  Thanks to her help and encouragement, I am about 3 lbs away from my goal!  Thank you, Katherine!"

- Ashley F., 32

"Having known Katherine for more than a decade, I've seen firsthand her unwavering commitment to nutrition and fitness. When it came time for me to get healthy eating advise, going to Katherine was a no-brainer. 

The amount of detail she provided in her initial analysis of my diet was incredibly helpful. She broke it down in a way that was easy to understand and provided suggestions tailored to my goals and priorities. As I increased my fitness levels, she was always available to customize my meal plan to make sure I was still getting the optimum nutrition I needed.  

With Katherine's guidance, I've lost 20 pounds (and counting!), increased my energy levels, and gained an appreciation for cooking with natural ingredients. 

This woman is an encyclopedia for all things nutrition! I have nothing but amazing things to say about this experience."

- Kathryn B., 32

"The truth is, I never really appreciated just how much food impacts the body. I ate, often, and I was rarely thirsty, but I was overweight. The problem for me was that I blamed it entirely on lack of exercise and never my nutrition. Not only was I overweight, I also felt tired and lethargic and often had colds. Still, I never attributed it to my food and drink. After all, I was still a University student.

After meeting Katherine a light went off. She taught me how to become aware not only of the foods I eat but also how those food affects my body, my mood, and my energy level. Her approach was easy for me because we made small sustainable changes that became good habits. Now I have a better understanding of food, an improved relationship with body, and I even lost fat and gained muscle! Ultimately it changed a lot for my life. Thanks Katherine!"

- Terry S., 30

"I'd never thought of using a nutritionist until it was suggested by my personal trainer. I've come to realize that what and how I eat is probably the most important part of managing my weight and overall health. I thought I was eating well, but I didn't know how much I had to learn about food and nutrition. After my diet analysis with Katherine, I began a process of gradually changing what I eat. I now view food more technically for it's nutrient content and try to eat the foods that give my body what it needs each day. It's been fun experimenting with new foods and recipes, and I am very surprised at how much my food habits and preferences have shifted in just a year. I've lost a lot of weight with exercise and new eating habits and am feeling healthier at 47 than I've ever felt. Food and eating have become fun again and Katherine continues to inspire me through her website and blog with recipes and information about food, nutrition and the science behind it all"

 - Mary G., 47