Why we fear fat

Fat is something we unnecessarily fear because of certain research that was done in the 1950s that received a particularly large amount of attention. Unfortunately, this research was poorly executed and their hypothesis that saturated fat and cholesterol lead to heart disease has been disproven in numerous well constructed human intervention studies.

As a result, in the last 65 years, people have been focused on eating a low fat diet, that tends to be high in trans fats, refined seed and vegetable oils, refined carbs and sugar. We now know that THIS is actually the diet that causes an increase in inflammation, which tends to be the driving force behind chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.



A few of my favourite packaged snack foods

Finding healthy snacks for when you are on-the-go or when you need something quick at home can be tricky. There are so many products out there and many are marketed as "health" foods, however, they have a huge ingredient list or a lot of sugar (as much as a chocolate bar in many cases!). So it can be difficult to navigate the snack food isle. 

Here are a few of my favourite packaged snack foods. I found these all at Zehrs, but they are likely at other Loblaws grocery stores.  

Smart Sweets - for those who love candy!

  • Great taste and really help with sugar cravings,

  • 3 g of sugar for the whole bag;

  • Full of fibre, so be aware of any digestive upset if you eat the whole bag.

BarNana Chewy Banana Bites - great for kids 

  • Simple ingredients,

  • Sugar content is a little high, but it is from fruit;

  • Just like any dried fruit, you want to be careful with serving sizes. The water has been removed so you naturally won't feel full as fast, which can lead to over consumption. 

Alter Eco Truffles - Just as good as Lindors!

  • Low sugar content compared to other chocolate truffles, 

  • Simple, whole ingredients;

  • Many different flavours and amazing taste.

70% Bakers Dark Chocolate - Best taste for a low sugar content

  • 7 g of sugar for 1 oz, or 4 squares,

  • Premium chocolate with great flavour;

  • Great for melting and baking, or eating on its own.

Hershey's Inspirations - 70% Dark Chocolate Chunks - package not shown.
And Lindt 70% or 85% Dark Chocolate

  • Also low sugar content for quantity,

  • Hershey's inspirations are great for baking;

  • Lindt has a low sugar content.

Unrefined Coconut Sugar

  • Great for baking or for tea/coffee, 

  • Unrefined sugar - made from removing water from the nectar of coconut palm tree flowers;

  • Unique but delicious caramel flavour.

Stay tuned as there will most definitely be a sequel!


What to look for in a packaged snack food.


What to look for in a packaged snack food.

Learn what to look for in a packaged snack food, the difference between added sugar and naturally occurring sugar, what to look for in the ingredient list and nutrition label as well as sneaky things marketers do to make their food seem healthier.